GDPR is not only a legal projectBecoming compliant with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)­ ­– shortly to come into force­ ­– is going to present a challenge. On 8 May, several members of the Luxembourg ICT Cluster will share their experiences of implementing the GDPR requirements from a legal as well as a technical perspective to help their peers move forward.

GDPR aims to protect data privacy and once in place will have a big impact on any organisation dealing with personal data. Implementing GDPR is not only a legal exercise: it also sets high technical standards for personal data treatment and security. Some members of the Luxembourg ICT Cluster have already developed considerable expertise in the field and are willing to share their experiences with their peers. The core of the event will therefore be a panel discussion with four cluster members representing organisations that are active in different fields and are treating different kinds of data. The panellists will present concrete use cases and share both the problems encountered and the found solutions. Participants are invited to ask questions and share their own experience.

In order to facilitate networking and collaboration between members, the ICT Cluster has produced an online member catalogue that will be presented during the evening. New cluster members will introduce themselves during a brief pitching session.

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17:00 | Registration
17:30 | Introduction by Xavier Buck, ICT Cluster President and Jean-Paul Hengen, ICT Cluster Manager
17:45 | Panel and sharing of experiences

  • Meaghan Roberts, Data Protection Program Manager, Docler HoldingManu Roche, Data Protection Officer,
  • Ligue Luxembourgeoise de Prévention et d’Action Médico-Sociales
  • Myriam Djerouni, RSSI, Luxith GIERoland Streber, CEO, Pronewtech

18:25 | Q&A session
19:00 | Updates from the Cluster: ICT Cluster catalogue and new ICT Cluster Members
19:30 | Networking cocktail