The Dutch online shop project is aimed at enabling online sales of local products throughout Europe. The EU is supporting this venture that strives to sell local products from all EU countries online. Since we are living in a globalised and digital world where distance becomes a relative factor, we should also be able to buy local products from other countries. The project is called “More for Local” and was initiated by a Dutch shop owner for biological goods. The project starts with the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and French-Guayana.

The global village

As we are all interconnected and can easily buy all kind of goods you can imagine online, why not focus on enabling the sale of local goods on the internet? The EU parliamentary committee for agriculture and rural development is supporting this project and invests € 398.000. The shop is planned to go online by the end of the year. More for Local will take care of financial issues and logistics, which is something that small retailers won’t be able to organize.

Creating a counter balance to the big players

The online shop is supposed to offer the local retailers an additional shopping channel for their products. The EU also believes that it can give the local retailer some significant leverage for their business and give them a standing chance against in their niche against the big e-commerce retailers. Therefore the local treats and specials will soon be available to a broad European customer base. There have been endeavors to support the e-commerce of local retailers, but it has never been a Europe wide plan, as it is with More for Local.