EarthLab Luxembourg has been founded in 2015 by an association of IT and Earth Observation companies to create innovative solutions combining Big-Data technologies and the Remote Sensing.

EarthLab Luxembourg now appears as a leader in the solution mixing these technologies. We have built different solutions relying on our platform called Max-ICS. These solutions have been built for different industries (Insurance, Finance, Agriculture, Security, Transport, Telecom, etc.).

We are committed providing a global offering based on innovative technologies that we master. Our solutions are customised and are adaptable over time. We understand that any business is now confronted with multiple risks and opportunities that span beyond geographical borders and for which the interlinked consequences are underestimated. The components vary and require bespoke answers, however the key element remains the same: innovate with usage, with technology limiting the risks and the costs.

A new vision builds on high-power computing, allowing us to approach areas unimaginable even just a few years ago. Our Deep Learning approach (called Deep Learning Factory©) allows the creation of models without strong knowledge and with a zero-code approach.

49 Rue du Baerendall, 8212 Mamer, Luxembourg
+352 621 381 427

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